Business model

With mobile carrier we prepared two different business models:

For Retail segment, there is offerend freemium model (cost based basic service + revenue share model for cloud storage) under which PhoneCopy Premium can be offered as part of data plans (loyalty support, differentiation)

For B2B segment, mostly focused to SMEs we offer direct revenue share model where added service can cover SMEs’ need to backup phone/device data. It is an easy service which does not require IT knowledge on SMEs’ side or even it can offer contact management across employee phones

Eligible or Active users

Both business models above can be calculated in two different ways which are eligible or active users

Eligible user – Customer has „rights“ to use as part of his data plan. The price is very low with minimum comitment of 100 000 users. Media storage for images, videos or documents can be calculated separately

Active user – Only customers who use are counted. The price per month is higher but minimum commitment start from  20 000 users. There should be predefined amount of Media storage as the part of the service (1, 2, 5GB . . .). Customers can upgrade to higher storage in revenue share model (increased number of images/videos, growing memory on devices, larger image files etc.).