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Syncfony for Phone Loan/Phone Insurance providers

Personal Cloud as Added Value

With growing prices of mobile devices and increase of financial services, there is a huge potential for providing phone loan (leasing) which in most cases contains phone insurance. This is mostly covering costs of replacing phone, which offers safety for both phone leasing company and customers. However, the most important and most valuable part of any mobile device is stored data. Customers tend to keep their digital lives in their devices and do not want to lose their valuable data. They take those devices wherever they go which is always a threat for their content no matter whether it is their contacts book, SMS, photos & videos or other files. When the device is replaced, the customer needs his/her data to be restored to it and for that he/she needs bulletproof and platform-independent data backup.

Next Generation of Loan of Mobile Phone

Loan of Mobile Phone can be offered as a complex service:

Phone Loan + Phone Insurance + Data Safety = Satisfied Customer

We can call it “data insurance” to make it understandable in the phone insurance context. With Syncfony Personal Cloud the phone insurance product can be upgraded to complex insurance containing data backup too. That is why personal cloud storage solutions can attract more and more users to upload their own content, synchronize various devices and keep their digital lives safely secured. This is a life-critical issue for most users and a challenge for phone loan companies or even phone insurance companies as value of data is in most cases higher than the value of the device itself.

“We live our digital lives and we understand the value of our data!”

The growing interest in cloud services already switched focus to the value of data. People tend to save their mobile lives to the devices. And this creates an opportunity for phone leasing companies to offer it as part of their services. We offer a versatile implementation of service which phone loan companies can offer as a modern benefit to upgrade perception of own services.

Personal Cloud comes with several advantages

Data Security – Added Value for Customers – offer additional security to your customers along with device insurance
Differentiation from Competitors – provide a unique benefit to attract new clients
Loyalty Support – retain your current clients by providing platform to transfer personal data to new device