Get Syncfony Platform Experience is Syncfony’s public B2C reference home page

If you want to get the experience of our personal cloud platform we launched a public version based on the freemium model. is a fully implemented and customized Syncfony Personal Cloud Platform for public use. It is a live system with over one million real users and almost one billion stored contacts, events, messages, photos, videos, or documents. It demonstrates most Syncfony features. Some most advanced features are available under our beta testing program where we co-operate with users and testers from many countries worldwide. This supports the Syncfony platform’s continuous development and testing environment.

We support all major platforms like Android, iOS, KaiOS, Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux as well as other even discontinued platforms like Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile, Firefox OS, BlackBerry 10, Nokia Lumia, Nokia Symbian S60, S40, Samsung Bada, and others. Moreover, we support major synchronization protocols like ActiveSync (MS Exchange), CalDAV, CardDAV, and XML API connectors.

For most mobile platforms and devices we prepared step-by-step guides or even youtube demos in our youtube channel.

You can also download our applications from App Store, Google Play, or Windows Store.

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