Innovative & Unique

Innovative cloud service, available to everyone

Brings together benefits of personal cloud and # 1 backup service

Bulletproof service with many advanced features

Next level of digital business

Supports Android+iOS, Windows+MAC (other platforms on request)


Easy to Use

All you need is a smartphone, mobile phone app, internet connection and sign-in.

Once the data is uploaded, you can access it through the website from any internet-connected device and restore it to another device.



Depending on users´ personal preferences. Tools to control, manage and personalize users´ content. Various backup options, including regular auto-sync.

Easy configuration according to users´ needs - backup from device to the cloud; restoration from cloud to any device or synchronization in both directions

Safe & Secure

Protects and backs up valuable digital content, keeps its copies and history of changes

Cloud provides access to deleted or overwritten data including historic versions

Contacts and media are kept secure from unwanted loss

Protection against ransomware



Back up, synchronization and restoration

Contacts, SMS, photos & videos, documents

Synchronization between all devices (both mobile & PC)

Multimedia streaming

Fast sync transfering new or changed data only

User friendly interface to access and manage saved files

Deleted/changed data archive for later recovery

Full history of all changes

Tools to keep personal and business data separated


Device encryption

Remote wipe

Device tracking

Ransomware protection

Web Accessible

Accessible everywhere on every device

All data can be managed easily from the website

Latest backup detailed information

Contact book management and duplicates finder

User defined groups

Easy to use device management


Success with Personal Cloud

There is no doubt that smartphones have gained a huge prominence and importance in today’s world. Customers tend to keep their digital lives in their devices and do not want to lose their valuable data. They take those devices wherever they go and rely on the possibility they can always access their content no matter whether it is their contacts book, SMS, photos & videos or other files.

That is why personal cloud storage solutions can attract more and more users to upload their own content, synchronize various devices and keep their digital lives safely secured. This is a life-critical issue for most users and a challenge for mobile operators as there is a growing demand for digital storage. Meeting the needs of customers will lead to their satisfaction There are three main scenarios:

a) customers want to change or upgrade their device and have to deal with the problem of how to transfer their content simply and succesfully to that new device and/or
b) their local storage runs out of capacity and they need to free up space and/or
c) they need to have their critical data up-to-date, synchronized across all their devices and safely stored and accessible at anytime and from anywhere


• Up to 1,33 USD/month
   direct uplift
• 0,50 USD/month
   data package upselling
• Secondary increase by:
    photo resolution growth
    phone memory growth

• Lost or damaged phone can be instantly replaced including contacts
• Desire to backup phone data
• Need to transfer data from/to other phones
• Platform independent photo backup
• Contacts, photos and SMS archive are available even in case of leaving phone at home (Instant access to phone data via web)

Data Security - Added Value for Customers - offer additional security to your clients (including ransomware protection)
Small Smart Services - possibility to generate new revenue from photos/videos storage
Differentiation from Competitors - provide a unique benefit to attract new clients
Data Stored in Your Geographic Area - can satisfy demand for geographical (local) backup
Loyalty Support - retain your current clients by providing platform
Lowering Price Erosion - list synchronization and backup as a benefit to price negotiation

1. Hosted mode – we provide the service fully hosted on our servers
2. On-premises mode – we provide software and maintenance but the service runs completely on your servers

Our references

We are currently trusted by more than 1 million satisfied customers across the globe. We protect over 800 million contacts, SMS, calendar items and multimedia files which are safely backed up on our servers. runs smoothly on PC, Mac, iPhone, Android (6000 different types of Android devices at the moment) and others (BlackBerry, Symbian, active sync, Linux…)